Making Instagram Work for You

Our brand’s Instagram profile and account has the best chance of reaching the largest audience thanks to content strategy. When we have a large audience, it means more views and more potential customers who might make purchases.

Instagram is an effective social media platform for product promotion. It has an easy to use and engaging interface and is the best channel for visual marketing, giving business owners and entrepreneurs a platform to display compelling images of their products.

But in order to make Instagram work for you and for your content strategy to be successful, you must be able to appeal to your target audience. Creating a successful content strategy is possible once you understand how Instagram selects the posts that will be displayed on a possible customer’s feed.

Post When Your Target Audience Is Online

Posting when your target audience is online increases the visibility of your post and be seen by the people who would benefit the most from it. Meaning, they are the ones who are looking for the products you sell or the services that you offer.

Know the time and day when they are most active and post at that time. By doing so, your posts are more likely to get more likes and engagement. This would be a trial-and-error process but once you figure this out, the next time you post would be a breeze. Based on the Instagram algorithm, the ideal time to post varies by industry. Once you have established a posting schedule, stick to it because your followers will be expecting it.

Post Quality Captions

Since Instagram is a platform for posting visually appealing images, and even “if a picture paints a thousand words”, you still need to write quality captions describing your image. This is not just to provide additional information but also to entice the users to spend more time on your posts. Writing quality captions also help add interest to your posted image.

Post With Appropriate Hashtags

When you use appropriate hashtags, it will be easier for your post to appear on searches. When selecting hashtags, there are several factors that you need to take into account such as the level of popularity of the hashtags, the audience that the hashtags are appealing to and the kind of interactions the hashtags promote (like, comment, follow, etc.) Consider the hashtags’ users as well if they are included in your target market.

Hashtags are tools that you could use to increase your posts’ visibility as well. No matter how visually appealing and engaging the image is and the caption is witty and funny, it will all be naught if it is not appearing in searches. Use hashtags wisely. It is an effective tool to gain organic traffic to your profile.

Knowing how to make Instagram work for you must be included in your marketing plan. Engagement is important when you use this platform. The more users are engaging to your post, the more they are promoted. So, creating a post that will have a lot of engagement is the key.

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