Locations to Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are commonly used in residences nowadays. Traditionally, they were used outdoors to deter intruders. They can eliminate hiding spaces and create extra protection for the house. But there are many other areas where they can be used as well.

You can use a LED sensor light in the garage. You can position motion sensor lights on either side of the garage just outside the garage door. You can use it inside as well. This will illuminate your path when you enter the garage and you will be able to work on certain projects in the garage as well. A lot of the time, thieves tend to steal items that are placed in the vicinity of the garage door. So installing lights outside and inside can be a good deterrent. Any areas where you exit the home are great places to install a motion sensor light. In addition to the front and back doors, you can install them above side doors, gate openings etc. You can have a line of motion lights along the driveway. This will illuminate your way when you are walking to the house in the dark and it can be a sufficient deterrent to would-be thieves as well. Well lit spaces discourage intruders and motion sensor lights can save you on utility bills as well because they are not continuously switched on.

There can be outdoor pathways around your house. So you can install the sensor lights along all these pathways as well. It is a great idea for safety when you have backyard parties and it can increase the security of the house as well because you will be able to spot anyone walking up to the house. It can also be a cool way of guiding a guest to your home entrance. This is good for senior visitors as they will be able to see their way clearly and check for any tripping hazards. The main walking paths will generally be avoided by a would-be thief. They will stick to the least trodden paths to the house. So you can inspect the surrounding area and get the opinion of several people as well so that you don’t miss any hiding spots. You can install these motion sensor lights on any potential spots that somebody can hide.

Most thieves tend to approach the house from the rear as it is less guarded. And most of the time, motion sensor lights are only installed at the front of the house. So it is best to install them in the backyard as well near the entryways and potential hiding spots. This will alleviate any worry you have about intruders getting into the house as you will be notified when there is any movement in the surroundings.

It is best to avoid installing motion sensor lights near windows. Windows are reflective and this can cause the sensor to go off. Another area to avoid motion sensor lights is near heat sources. This can skew the reading of the light as well.

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