Improving the Functionality of Your Picket Fence

If you are thinking of installing a picket fence on your property, there are several factors that have to be considered. Picket fences have their unique charm and can improve your curb appeal but you need to ensure that your requirements are met with this project as well.

When selecting premier picket fencing you have to think about the height of the fence. A lower fence can make the property seem more open and welcoming but if you want to prioritise privacy and security, you will need to go for a taller fence. Think about what your priority is when selecting the fence and its main purpose so that you can select an appropriate height. The function of your picket fence can be improved by incorporating a properly designed gate system. This will allow access to your property and ensure that your property is secure. You can use an ornate wrought iron gate or a wooden gate. You can also technology to this such as having the gate open with a card or something that can be controlled by your smartphone. A picket fence can complement your garden beautifully and you can allow climbing vines to grow on the fence to add to its beauty. This can be considered an extra layer of privacy. You can select ivy, roses etc. to intertwine with the picket fence so that a functional green barrier can be created.

You can further add to the beauty of the picket fence by having built-in planters.

The planters allow you to create an elevated garden at your perimeter and you can grow flowers and herbs in them. This will give you more planting space especially if you have a compact garden. There are certain additions that can be included in the picket fence design. For example, you can have lattice panels integrated to its design so that functionality and aesthetics can be improved. You can increase privacy with these lattice panels without obstructing the view completely. These can become the backdrop for the climbing plants and you can create a beautifully diverse outdoor space with this combination Light fixtures can also be added to the picket fence so that there is some useful illumination for the perimeter of your property. You can use lanterns, string lights or solar powered lights for this and it will create a warm ambience for anybody visiting your home. This can create a beautiful element after dark.

You can further improve functionality of

The fence by incorporating a built-in bench to the picket fence design. This will allow you to enjoy the outdoors with comfort. Weather resistant cushions can add to the cosiness of the space. You can even transform the picket fence into a small greenhouse by attaching small brackets and shelves to hold plants. This is a great way to grow your plants in a small space. There can also be decorative hooks and hangers to attach bird feeders, lanterns and flower baskets. There are storage solutions that can be incorporated into the fence with shelves and small cabinets as well. These can hold outdoor d├ęcor and gardening tools.

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