How to Build the Internal Brand of Your Business?

We are familiar with the term branding; it is to do with the promoting, establishing and advertising of a business’s presence. External branding is creating awareness about the business or its products and services to clients, competitors and the public. However, what does it mean to build the internal brand of your company?

Very simple it is a process of connecting your employees with your external brand. It focuses on aligning employee values and core cultures to the external brand making them ambassadors of the brand. Building an internal brand brings about many benefits, however it does bring many benefits. Therefore, here are some ways to build an internal brand.

Define Vision and mission statements

Every company runs on a vision and mission statement. It acts as way to inform stakeholders on the values and goals the business sets out to achieve. However, while external branding takes place, employees tend to go on with their jobs without being aware of what business goals they are working toward.

Aligning your employees with the goals envisioned for the business set them on the right path. This builds up motivation, knowledge, a sense of purpose and a feeling of being involved. Along with the external branding, empowered employees contribute to internal branding ensuring a strategically placed company.

Engaging workforce

Employees like feeling involved in a company’s operations. Feedback, opinions and ideas if well received from the management motivate the workforce and create a good rapport between workforce and management.

By involving and engaging employees, you are providing the opportunity for them to be aware of the company’s external branding strategy and know what is required of them in terms of building it up. When this takes place unity and teamwork is built among employees as they are now working toward the same goal. Continuous motivation is created for continuous performance.

Communication of internal brand

In addition to an employee’s job role a branding strategy requires a different role. Incorporating the internal brand enables employees to not only carry out their job role but to create a work culture that upholds the goals of the business.

Employees need to be constantly be kept aware of the purpose and vision they are required to work toward and this can only come from the top management. When the vision and purpose are constantly mentioned and infused into the work culture there is communication along the management lines.

Recognize, reward and incentivize

Employees thrive on non-monetary benefits, while it is not proved to be the only motivator it does have many advantages. In addition to rewarding employees for their job role, recognition when they have achieved company goals is also necessary. Peer-to-peer recognition, or even rewards for CSR projects help to build the internal brand.

Benefits and rewards can be materialistic but is important either way. When the workforce is acknowledged for their contribution they are empowered and motivated to constantly keep doing better. This in turn motivates other employees to join the trend.

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